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Align Yourself To Desired Results.

How is everybody? If you're reading this, it would be a good idea to de-amplify the clutter in your mind & psyche & clear a few things undesired out of the way. There is a desired result for everything under the sun. It is no respecter of persons when plodding on through the maze in your head. It is your responsibility of how far you want things to go & whether or not they work for your own benefit or not. Life is beautiful, & always had been. Unless you failed to be real with it though I guarantee you that you will not run out of second chances. Its a dance & you're the flower. It just needs a little bit of trial & error to see what is best fit &/or what ambitions can work. Its not always about the money though if you were serious about progress, then you'd be glad to know that you can actually lead your steps, your careers, relationships & so on. Furthermore, the daily process of your general well-being. You have every entitlement to take the lead & it begins with refinement of everything starting from your core spirit being (which is the first important realization) for your thought patterns to change, & take a few more steps & you may begin to start experiencing a regenerated life. You don't need much to start with, just a little honesty. A regenerated being will come to know this fact that you are not the product of your mistakes unless you want to get all bogged down to a victim type of consciousness. A lot of people do & they fail to see it & go through life as people who have lost touch of how precious they are. Leading lives of 'toilet water' nature, suffering everyday for nothing much more than what their day was the other day. Its bad miseducation, probably with a little blindness to foresee why it is the circus is only for a select few. So, they would think & its useless to ignore it. But that thing that could never skip a beat will always eat at you until you wake up to your 'spirit' self. I say spirit self because you know that its the indwelling that makes most sense to you. What you resonate from that is also your responsibility. Be encouraged, it is not easy for realizing the discipline & methods of how you can make your life to work, but once you see the starting focal point of where to begin all you will need is the wisdom to see where you want to re-direct your 'coming & going'. Like, time for example. Without waking up to it, you will waste a lot of it. & if you had a life like mine, you may even have enjoyed the process. The enemy is not ourselves, but our commitment to lose a few things. No pain, no gain. Life well lived is one full of hardships & as people you'd probably also have added pain whether necessarily or not. But you cannot stop the dig. You must know that. & if you're primary focus is simply just amassing an abundance of whatever it is you wanted in the material world,then your hardships would be without weight. & will lack substance value & your life will always be questionable. No matter the quality of your car or whatever else material possession you pride yourself on. Its only surface results of the necessaries in this life but if your world & its value in your eyes is based on the 3-dimensional then you will always have never enough. It is the value of these things that once separated from, can then only you can appreciate how these things came about because you didn't find material things in your life as the primary source of energizing your day. You knew where to draw the line and this simple philosophy can give you a sustenance the way 'spirit' & 'energetics' fuel you with things from irreplaceable places. Universal principle. Don't ignore it for it is your key to a successful life in general.


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