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Selected Listenability & the Forecasted.

The entertainment industry, specifically the music business, has been having everybody guessing on what will trigger the next big tidal wave to bring in raking dollars that has so whatsoever have maintained its 'sucker-punch appeal' to an ever devoted youth of dreamers, & super-driven ambitious individuals who would love to get in the circuit & cash in. Why that is, is because of a lack of encouragement to not to dream about being a superstar because of limelight percs. Ha! That's true for everyone regardless of what nature of work in any field you are. The music business itself due to driving artists on spotlights are more obvious because its meant to be obvious. So you have these kids thinking why don't i just make a beat off of my laptop and sell it for maximum profit?!?! What they don't know is that these superstars & celebrities and its core culture is and will continue to wither to lower ranks. Its going to take a big ripple to rejuvenate the music field for it to rise above its own set of hangups. It will take a new approach & song content hasn't been needed to being talked about until the down-stride that has gotten the industry so far in the past is the same thing that is now selling its own two's short. Today. I am super glad that vinyl is selling again, outselling cds. & it is to these trends that record labels will need to tap into to walk a path less travelled if they want to maintain in business. We've (artists) have done it now, from songs to covers to remixes to dubstep to instrumentalists & hiphop fashion. & there's tonnes out there (you'll notice them on facebook) of us trying to create a buzz for our own good. Every single hiphop artist wants funding of some sort so they can make road maps. & very few will bother telling you to watch your ego unless you had friends that cared, of course. & that's what its going to take to keep everyone interested. Attention to detail, a much like how Steve Jobs was to Apple. For the artist, its difficult to raise the bar, so to speak, as in to linger on following others. Difficult not because of the money, but because overall as a society, we have lost what & how we knew the world when we were still all so emotionally driven. Kids have never been so cold. Myself, included. & when an individual finds the need for new music, there are nowadays inventions for them, like an iphone or a desktop with a couple of clicks needed to free stream. Its going to take a revoking & AWAKENING A NUMBNESS within the human heart due to a misrepresentation of the times we are all currently living in. Everyone wants a party but nobody is willing to pay the price for it all to start. & most of the times we boche it up from not cleaning up afterwards before the party started, including the one beforehand that we all so grimly tried to celebrate. Though, please forgive me, I just know a lot of bad moments that could lead to a drunken stupor. Once you draw in a spiritual hunger to satisfy it, you cannot suggest a cheap fix. Its going to take something else, from someone, & I can tell you, it can come from anyone. The human psyche craves inspiration, & in today, its not easy to get it from a specific medium & you will not find a one stop shop for this sort of thing easily. Its going to take a big u-turn & re journey. Cause a ripple effect to show everyone that we are all caring of what everybody is doing. & that we all wrote that song for you.


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