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Recording post big budgets.

Songwriting & overall music production has given its participants something to bargain with. Given relatively lesser costs to access recording set ups & quality equipment is handed & that recording techniques through the computer generated production medium has given us what is all needed for grasping how the recording process & processes of producing music gives a clear limitless capacity et al for the starter to access this wonderful advancement in creating & recording music. Internet workshops have all the more cleared up issues on techniques covering methods for musicians at every level you can think of. & the answers for the creative no longer is a question due to technological availability & now all depends a subject to the individuals interpretation of the maker him/herself. Traditional methods just like most of the elements in recording/processing music are also subject to technological change where you no longer needed a G6 Ssl compressor to come up with a quality recording. So, with all of this taking place in hand, the musician has a lot to be thankful for. That's a really cool thing that a starter can buy a computer and start making music from the ground up. Recording processes due to electronic mediums allow us all to redirect individual methods of mixing & recording techniques so that artistic styles can progress & grow. If you're not going to talk about how much money you're going to make for your masterclass compositions then you shouldn't have anything to worry about & keep on progressing in just due. You shouldn't really do music for the money really, its a more valid reason as there are only a few who make it that far. So, in saying that, don't be daunted by the fact that you don't know where your craft will lead as its twice the loss when you don't pursue your dreams & passions for & from being by default a creative. Experiment with what you have, get a feel for creative fits using your own resources and work a job if needed to support your artistic ventures. Grow as a music creative, learn character inclinations, network, collaborate. Basically, do what you feel led to in order to grow. Don't buy into the hysteria that you have probably seen elsewhere that money validates your talent. Take it from me, money doesn't last long. It will come up when you know you're ready. Remember that there is really nothing new under the sun so let that be your motivation & your guide to work your way into being distinct from others or at least what you're familiar with. Don't over stress yourself on however you seem to be progressing. Study your favourite artists. Go to concerts. Sacrifice to embetter yourself & let your art grow from there. Be the difference. & when you believe you need to walk away, follow through & walk away. Its all tied in to your initial inspiration as a creative. Research, read books etc. Conquer your fears & witness your craft take shape & grow. It is up to you to nurture your skills, talents & abilities. Its your primary responsibility. Repeat a few steps, until growth in vibe, feel, artistic picture develops. Blood, sweat & tears. The goal is to present a great piece of art, not a million in the bank account (as rewarding as that sounds). That's what's going to set the difference & eventually your industry recognition. Don't be afraid to start small & make mistakes on the way. & when the time comes, find avenues. You gotta give it time. Like with everything else.


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