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What to consider as your task and an encouraging word. For today, nothing else.

What to consider as a message and what not to do when you seem like wasting away while carrying the message with you could be very profitable to an individual. Given this life & what you owe to yourself, as well as recognize what you truly owe yourself with. Could work as the solitary key to fruitful days that will define your mistakes and failures, enlighten your today & pre-determine your tomorrow. Some can only encourage you. The rest is up to you, the individual, to take up your bed and walk. Hence, you get up in the morning while hopefully getting some well deserved rest the night before. And after getting up, look for that voice. Within you, around you, above and below. Learn to listen to your own voice. This reasoning is so powerful that you can actually fulfill your goals and dreams in life without the tendency to falling into the traps of however horrible if not disturbing past one has experienced whether anybody experience this or not unless you are a child of providence from day one and need not to suffer a past like most people. My bet is that only a few can claim a flawless life if one are dishonest enough. I don't believe in a sinless world put it that way. And nobody can claim any different unless you don't have the integrity enough to be able to describe why it is the way things are on an honest observation regardless of how inaccurate you believe everything is. This calls for a reality check. People are suffering people are misinformed, people are people and nobody seems to be able to guide us to anything different. That is a scary reality and yes be very afraid. We don't make our mornings into blood by choice alone. Choice has a lot to do with the lack of awareness to what choices we can actually start making as opposed to the choices we tend to always end up doing. Clarity is so scarce in a world like today because of too many choices. Misinformed, uncalculated, careless honesty, you claim it we got it. Why?! Because the circus tells us it is the way of the few that only few can get to. I don't know why, though what would be more accurate for me to say is that I believe its your responsibilty to see the guts within yourself to claim why it is the circus is what it is & know it for yourself, firsthand. If you were to revert back to me, more accurately I can tell you that I BELIEVE THAT IT IS WHAT IT IS AND I GAVE UP AKSING THE SAME QUESTIONS AND NOW KNOW WHY I DONE SO. The voices of question within your make up and built DETERMINES EVERY BIT OF THE PUZZLE OF YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE when you start co-operating with the voice within you and when you do so, the quesions will not run out though this time around you get to be on top of the very own question that you believe nobody can answer. Once the process of acceptance has been welcomed in one's life what I do know is that it is the sure road to salvation. Have fun searching, whether in suffering or liberty. But do yourself a treat, & simply be honest with yourself. That would be twice the salvation. & no one can ever benefit any more from the hardship and triumphs in your life than if not others then yourself. Hang ten & you'll know eventually on an crystal clear space whether today was a good day or not within you and maybe even get more of 'those' days regained in your life once you know and are honest enough to admit that there is such a path for others that only others can have just as the very own path you have nobody else can have and travel the road that it is other than you. Fear not.


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